22 Feb 2018

Office Waste Removal and How you can help?

Accounts Officer

Office Rubbish Removal Sydney

Many offices do not produce a great deal of waste, especially for smaller office spaces with less than 10 workers. In some instances, the council bin provision may be suitable for your needs. However, it is pretty simple to organize low cost and effective waste management and recycling services for your office – and achieve very high levels of recycling to help the environment. Staff in your office can help by separating waste and recyclables, hence helping to increase recycling percentages. The Source Separation Bins can be very helpful in separating each categories with easy to follow illustrated pictures and each staff member can do this. Make sure to look up Source Separation Systems website for their innovated products and bins. *Pictured above are The Source Separations Bins in action in our office*

Waste Options offer low cost and flexible waste, recycling and office rubbish removal Sydney services through flexible 30 day agreements. Check out our website for our options and services.

How you can boost recycling through office rubbish 

By putting in place a simple waste management plan, you can pretty easily achieve very high recycling rates for your business- this can help keep your staff engaged and also lead to a better work atmosphere.

We list from top to bottom – the easiest and cheapest recycling options to put in place to reduce any waste ending up in landfill.

Cardboard and Paper recycling- most offices produce lots of paper and some cardboard. The cheapest way (and most environmentally friendly way to get rid of it is to have cardboard bin collection. If some of your paperwork is confidential – you can organize a shredding bin.

Confidential shredding bin- ensures your private documents (or customer private details) are not simply thrown into the garbage for all eyes to see. The bin is kept and collected by security cleared driver from inside your office space. Waste Options can help with this too. Just another option for our clients, not to mention peace of mind.

Commingled recycling- if your office has items like drink cans, plastic bottle etc a commingle recycling bin (a yellow mixed recycling bin) could be a good move and will let you reduce any general waste going to landfill.

Organic food waste- if you produce reasonable amounts of food waste, there may be an organic food waste collection service in your area. Alternatively, if you have a garden you could think about having a composter.

Recycling boxes- it is good to know also that pretty much anything can be recycled using TerraCycle recycling boxes such as cigarettes, coffee pods, rubber gloves or hairnets. Pretty much anything.

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01 Feb 2018
Waste Options Accounts Officer

Waste Options hires a new Accounts Officer in Sydney!

Accounts Officer

Meet our newest Waste Options team member Shahnaz Naseri our Accounts Officer!

Now that we have our new website up and running and the Christmas/School Holiday season is over we would like to introduce you to our newest team member! Shahnaz started with us back in November 2017 and brings with her a wealth of knowledge expanding over 14 years. Prior to working with Waste Options, Shahnaz worked overseas for companies such as Nojian Kala Co. and with Golsam Gorgan Chemicals in their head office as Assistant Accountant. Her focus in these roles was looking after accounts payable, accounts receivable and general responsibilities of managing payroll, superannuation and reconciliations. Before heading to now live and work in her new home of Australia. Shahnaz takes a huge amount of pride and responsibility in her work and her attention to detail shines through in her work.

Shahnaz holds a Diploma in Accounting, Certificate IV in Accounting and a Bachelor Of Business Administration.

Waste Options are very honoured to have Shahnaz as apart of our dynamic team.

Shahnaz can be contacted on 1300 44 79 22 or accounts@wasteoptions.com.au

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