Accounts Officer

Waste Options- Dave Roberts National Account Manager

Waste Options- Looking for a Fair deal or just to check up on your current business costs. I’m Dave Roberts from Waste Options and I’m here to help you get the best possible outcome on your business waste, recycling, liquid,confidential or medical waste costs and disposal methods. I work for a Company that has your best interests at heart and delivers better options to you in terms of your waste management. So if you would like me to review your current business costs in this area or to tender any future business albiet on a Local or National basis I’m only too happy to offer my service free of charge. I am based in South Australia, however still look after NT & WA too. We are a Flexible, Credible and Fair business partner and we are here to help you. So if its just a health check you want on your current waste costs we will perform a review and let you know if you are on the best possible plan with your current supplier or if not, we will present a better solution to your business for consideration. You have nothing to lose……Please if you or someone you know would like a no obligation review of their waste performance please contact me… is totally FREE or 1300 44 79 22