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If you are anything like our household with young children in the house then you will have an abundant of technology! Whether it be the ipads, chargers or mobile phones! Australians love their technology and on average will update their mobile phones every 18 months. The crate in the garage that is holding all the remotes that will be fixed one day or “we should hold on to that” spare phone to give to the kids to use for games!

Or is your office warehouse holding all the old computer screens and keyboards?

When e-Waste electronics end up in the landfills, toxins such as lead, mercury and cadmium may leak into the soil and water and have devastating affects to floral fauna and marine life. It is estimated that on average Australians will buy more than 4 millions televisions and 3 millions computers a year.

Do you know what e-Waste is? Do you know where to dispose of e-Waste? There are many companies that will take e-Waste and is just a matter of finding one that is local to you.

Mobile phones are a different drop off to your electronics such as TV’s and computers.So you will need to be aware of different drop off and collection points for your phones. Aldi supermarkets will have bins that collect your old phones, along with other stores.

Please note that each station will have guidelines and provisions on the items (that can be accepted) and amount of items that can be disposed of.

Alternatively we can help you remove your e-Waste or you can visit your local council website to view their drop off points and conditions.

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