08 Nov 2018

Is e-Waste clouding your space?

Accounts Officer

If you are anything like our household with young children in the house then you will have an abundant of technology! Whether it be the ipads, chargers or mobile phones! Australians love their technology and on average will update their mobile phones every 18 months. The crate in the garage that is holding all the remotes that will be fixed one day or “we should hold on to that” spare phone to give to the kids to use for games!

Or is your office warehouse holding all the old computer screens and keyboards?

When e-Waste electronics end up in the landfills, toxins such as lead, mercury and cadmium may leak into the soil and water and have devastating affects to floral fauna and marine life. It is estimated that on average Australians will buy more than 4 millions televisions and 3 millions computers a year.

Do you know what e-Waste is? Do you know where to dispose of e-Waste? There are many companies that will take e-Waste and is just a matter of finding one that is local to you.

Mobile phones are a different drop off to your electronics such as TV’s and computers.So you will need to be aware of different drop off and collection points for your phones. Aldi supermarkets will have bins that collect your old phones, along with other stores.

Please note that each station will have guidelines and provisions on the items (that can be accepted) and amount of items that can be disposed of.

Alternatively we can help you remove your e-Waste or you can visit your local council website to view their drop off points and conditions.

Contact us on 02 8664 0052 or 1300 44 79 22.

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19 Oct 2018

Waste Options adding more for our customers!

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Our customers both existing and future are always one of the main focuses here at Waste Options, which recently our commitment has been to safety, quality and the environment. To back this up the team at Waste Options has worked extremely hard over the last 6 months and are proud to announce we have obtained 3 years certification in:

– AS/NZS 4801:2001 OH&S Management Systems
– ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems
– ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems

If you would like our help with your waste management in Australia please CALL us on 02 8664 0052 or proceed through our website for an online quote.


14 Jun 2018

New National Account Manager- Victoria

Accounts Officer

Meet Claire Boskovic our newest National Account Manager for Victoria.
Claire brings with her over 6 years of experience, knowledge and professionalism in the Waste & Recycling market.
Claire will be looking after one of our exciting new clients.
Please join us in welcoming Claire to our dynamic team! Waste Options are honoured to have you apart of our team!

08 Mar 2018

Medical Waste and how Waste Options can help?

Accounts Officer

Removal of Medical Waste can be a daunting thought, what if we said it doesn’t need to be!

When it comes to medical waste often people expect organising a reliable medical or clinical waste collection service to be a difficult or extremely expensive service to organise. At Waste Options we can look after all your medical services through one easy service and ensure you can get on with running your business, whether it be a doctor’s surgery, dentists or hospital etc.

As Waste Options provides all major waste and recycling services through our simple online model- you can also consolidate your required services such as general waste bins, cardboard recycling, commingled recycling, sanitary bins & confidential paper disposal through one provider. All our services are delivered on flexible 30 day terms with no hidden costs.

Clinical/ medical bins- We offer scheduled medical / clinical waste collections in two convenient bin sizes to suit your needs – 120 litres and 240 litres:

As per the NSW EPA- medical or clinical waste is defined as:

The protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997; Schedule 1 Scheduled Activities- Clause 50 Other definitions, defines clinical waste as follows:

Clinical waste means any waste resulting from medical, nursing, dental, pharmaceutical, skin penetration or other related clinical activity, being waste that has the potential to cause injury, infection or offence, and includes waste containing any of the following:

  • Human tissue (other than hair, teeth and nails)
  • bulk body fluids or blood
  • visibly blood-stained body fluids, materials or equipment
  • laboratory specimens or cultures
  • animal tissue, carcasses or other waste from animals used for medical research

Sharps collections- we offer sharps collections, often at the same time as your medical waste bin- with the container inside the bin for simplicity.

Shredding of medical records and personal documents- we offer confidential paper disposal in 120 litre and 240 litre bin sizes.

Ancillary services- we have arranged licensed and fully regulated services covering medical practices such as dentist liquid waste.

So if you have any unusual or niche service requirements please do not hesitate to give us a call 1300 44 79 22. Alternatively you can fill in our online quote!


23 Feb 2018


Accounts Officer

Waste Options can also help with the disposal of your grease trap!

There are some key points to know before you book! Before you book your grease trap service- it is good to understand the following concepts:

Restaurant grease trap: when you operate a business serving food such as a cafe, takeaway shop or restaurant you will likely be required to have a regulated grease trap on site.

Required schedule: the schedule you need to follow for grease trap cleaning will be set up and monitored by your local water authority. They will categorise your business based on business type, size of trap (in litres) to work out the required schedule. You will then be required to keep a record of the services performed. In Sydney- a barcode is scanned and the service performance is then recorded on the system automatically.

Barcode or trade waste agreement: In Sydney – each grease trap will have a barcode- this will be a white sticker/plaque attached to a wall or service near the trap. When you book a service it is best to have these details on hand.

Pricing: pricing per service is usually calculated on e per litre basis- i.e it will be a cost per litre X the number of litres in the trap. Many providers may have a minimum litre charge- i.e such as 1000 litres or higher.

Waste Options can also help with your disposal of grease traps as well as waste and recycle.

Call today 1300 44 79 22 or visit our website for an online quote. With flexible contracts and fair prices we can help with many options.



22 Feb 2018

Office Waste Removal and How you can help?

Accounts Officer

Office Rubbish Removal Sydney

Many offices do not produce a great deal of waste, especially for smaller office spaces with less than 10 workers. In some instances, the council bin provision may be suitable for your needs. However, it is pretty simple to organize low cost and effective waste management and recycling services for your office – and achieve very high levels of recycling to help the environment. Staff in your office can help by separating waste and recyclables, hence helping to increase recycling percentages. The Source Separation Bins can be very helpful in separating each categories with easy to follow illustrated pictures and each staff member can do this. Make sure to look up Source Separation Systems website for their innovated products and bins. *Pictured above are The Source Separations Bins in action in our office*

Waste Options offer low cost and flexible waste, recycling and office rubbish removal Sydney services through flexible 30 day agreements. Check out our website for our options and services.

How you can boost recycling through office rubbish 

By putting in place a simple waste management plan, you can pretty easily achieve very high recycling rates for your business- this can help keep your staff engaged and also lead to a better work atmosphere.

We list from top to bottom – the easiest and cheapest recycling options to put in place to reduce any waste ending up in landfill.

Cardboard and Paper recycling- most offices produce lots of paper and some cardboard. The cheapest way (and most environmentally friendly way to get rid of it is to have cardboard bin collection. If some of your paperwork is confidential – you can organize a shredding bin.

Confidential shredding bin- ensures your private documents (or customer private details) are not simply thrown into the garbage for all eyes to see. The bin is kept and collected by security cleared driver from inside your office space. Waste Options can help with this too. Just another option for our clients, not to mention peace of mind.

Commingled recycling- if your office has items like drink cans, plastic bottle etc a commingle recycling bin (a yellow mixed recycling bin) could be a good move and will let you reduce any general waste going to landfill.

Organic food waste- if you produce reasonable amounts of food waste, there may be an organic food waste collection service in your area. Alternatively, if you have a garden you could think about having a composter.

Recycling boxes- it is good to know also that pretty much anything can be recycled using TerraCycle recycling boxes such as cigarettes, coffee pods, rubber gloves or hairnets. Pretty much anything.

Ask us how we can help with your office waste & recycling removal


16 Feb 2018

Waste and how long does it take to decompose!

Accounts Officer

Ever wondered how long it takes for your rubbish to decompose?

Taking that Sunday afternoon drive to the local dump- we all know that dumping at the local landfill can be extremely expensive especially in Sydney metro area due to the landfill levy. At Waste Options we try to promote recycling to our customers for two main reasons, in Sydney- recycling can be significantly cheaper than dumping in general waste and secondly – of course it helps OUR environment.

Waste Options is a real change to the Sydney waste management sector – we provide low cost and reliable services to small and medium businesses. Waste Options take the worry out by offering our services are on flexible 30 day agreements, so you do not need to worry about roll over clauses or hidden charges again. Check out our options or get a quote online at our website.

So how long does it take waste to decompose?

As we all know that dumping at rubbish dump Sydney sites is not the best option. We thought it would be interesting to look at how long it takes various items to break down landfills. Take note that these decomposition will  vary depending on the conditions of the landfill.

Plastic waste:  ‘Normally, plastic items can take up to 1000 years to decompose in landfills. But plastic bags we use in our everyday life take 10-1000 years to decompose, while plastic bottles can take 450 year or more’

Nappies/diapers: ‘disposable diapers take approximately 250-500 years to decompose in landfills’

Cans: ‘Aluminium cans take 80-200 years in landfills to get completely decomposed’

Glass: ‘if glass is thrown away in landfills, it takes million years to decompose. And according to some sources, it doesn’t decompose at all’

Paper: ‘it takes 2-6 weeks in landfills to get completely decomposed’

Food Waste: ‘Normally, an orange peel takes 6 months  but an apple core or a banana peel takes around one month to decompose’

09 Feb 2018

Waste Services providing extended customer service!

Accounts Officer

Coming Soon to Waste Options!

Waste Options will soon be moving to Wastedge to provide innovated customer service options for today’s growing needs for instant communications. Waste Options in April 2017 will be implementing Wastedge, to offer our clients a customer self service portal access to view their business service calendar schedules or view booking details with service statistics and monthly sales charts, as well as environmental waste diversion from landfill % charts, with site comparisons by waste type. Wastedge is a modern cloud based software with integrated Google mapping, mobile software apps and evolves as its Creators continue to innovate to meet market demands.

It will allow our clients to have access for after hours booking requests and the ability of requesting additional collections. It is available 24/7 securely available via a webpage or mobile phone device.

Other features just to name a few:

  • Customer web-self-service collect requests
  • Ability to see scheduled collections on the map
  • Ability to view history online
  • Improves Customer communications
  • Ability to view Site stats and trends
  • Reduces administrative effort/cost

Waste Options is continually improving and looking for systems that help out customers. We understand that people and businesses  are becoming busier and require easy reliable services to help achieve higher demands.

For further information or clarification please feel free to call us o n 1300 44 79 22 to discuss.