Our Journey

Change…. Our team has worked for some of the largest players in the Waste Industry in Australia, and they all tend to all have one common theme, they are fearful of change. Whilst they say they embrace it, in fact there is nothing more they fear than disruption to their archaic business model. The waste industry is full of large companies who continue to make their money gouging rates & filling up landfills, this is their business model and their ongoing strategy.

Take it from us, all waste companies want long, one sided contracts, with terms and conditions that read more like extortion contract. Do these sound familiar? ¬†Unlimited & ambiguous price increases, Automatic renewal terms and Liquidated Damages, this is how the waste companies want to treat their loyal clients. Have you ever looked at your original contract pricing and then after being a naive loyal customer for years notice that you are being charged nearly double your original rate; Then when you “price check” the market, you realise that you’re paying a hefty sum more than any suppliers new offer, and then finally when you request to cancel you find that it has rolled over without you being notified and if you wish to continue with the cancellation you find that you are up for an inordinate large penalty sum in the way of “Liquidated Damages.” Our philosophy is to provide a fair & flexible contract for a fair price and any price reviews will be formulated & supported with documented evidence; not a bunch of numbers, percentages and empty words on a page deflecting blame to confuse all.

Our business model is that we are a credible service company first and we will always being looking for ways to reduce our clients waste that is being dumped into landfill. Around the globe new recycling options are being created by entrepreneurial people, but not embraced by the large waste companies.

Our team are very invested in the environment and therefore are continually investigating new technologies, solutions and companies that want to partner with us to provide our clients with the latest & most cost effective options in the market.

Today there is no shortage of national waste companies that can provide services throughout Australia, but as we experienced while working for these companies, there is not one that was the best price and service everywhere. Customers are forced to either split the contract which causes all sorts of headaches dealing with multiple suppliers or award all to one waste company and do so at a higher cost. So to combat this we have developed and partnered with the providers who are the best in each region and it enables us to provide flexible services that the large companies can’t offer on their own.

Get on board and be a part of the change where you will be treated fairly and it will be our privilege to have you as a client.